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The history of Blystad


1906: Blystad Fabrikker

Wilhelm Blystad established a textile factory in Oslo, Norway.


1956: Arne Blystad A/S

The whole team of colleagues from the factory leather confection clothing.


1948: MT Espérance

MT Espérance was one the first ships Wilhelms son, Arne Blystad Sr. chose to invest in. It was a tanker transporting wine.


1950: Arne Blystad A/S founded

Arne Blystad Sr. founded his own shipping company.



One of the companies' first vessels, MT Anne.


1990 - onwards: Chairman Arne Blystad began building Blystad Shipholding Inc, today known as Songa Shipholding

Image from a series of newbuildings delivered out of shipyards in Korea.


2023: New logo and brand identity

New logo and brand identity implemented.

Wilhelm Blystad established a textile factory in Oslo, Norway. Old black and white photo.
Historic Blystad factory photo of many people standing outside building
MT Esperance boat historic photo black and white
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Boat Anne Blystad Group historic photo in black and white
Blystad Group historic photo of shipping boats
Blystad Group logo
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