Our core values

A family owned business managed by our core values and principles

Blystad Group interior photo two people working on computers at desks by photographer Einar Aslaksen
Blystad Group containers

Songa Tankers

The current tanker fleet consist of chemical-, crude- and product tankers.

Songa Box

The container ship company Songa Box Group currently operates a fleet of 5 feeder vessels. In addition, the company expects 2 additional super-eco 1800 TEU newbuildings to be delivered.

Songa Supply

The current offshore supply fleet consists of two Norwegian built platform supply vessels (PSV). The vessels are commercially and technically managed by Remøy Shipping AS.

Ship nameDWTBuilt
Songa Crystal13,0002006
Songa Hawk13,0002009
Songa Kari13,0002008
Songa Aurora16,6502008
Songa Taurus16,6502009
Songa Jade17,0002009
Songa Opal17,0002009
Songa Topaz17,0002009
Songa Diamond17,0002009
Songa Sapphire17,0002009
Songa Ruby17,0002009
Songa Pearl17,0002008
Songa Orion17,9002020
Songa Atlantic18,6002010
Songa Peace19,9992009
Songa Winds19,9992009
Songa Breeze19,9992009
Songa Challenge19,9992009
Songa Neptune19,9992012
Songa Eagle25,0002010
Songa Cosmos25,0002010
Songa Polaris25,0002011
Ship nameTEUBuilt
Songa Puma2,8722009
Songa Leopard1,7942010
Songa Lioness1,7942010
Melanesian Chief1,1182008
Songa Panther1,8002023
Songa Jackal (Newbuild 1/24)1,8002024
Ship nameDWTBuilt
Seaway Osprey52,9891989
Seaway Hawk65,0721989
Seaway Eagle31,8091981
Seaway Falcon31,8091981
Seaway Albatross36,0501993
Seaway Swan50,0002022
Ship nameDesignYardBuiltDeck area
Songa DiscovererUT 717 CDXVard Langsten2021900
Songa CommanderVS 485 CDHellesøy Verft Løfallstrand20101005
​The Blystad Group

Company structure

Looking forward

Our Shared future

“Ever since the Group was involved in the textile industry in the early 1900s, we have managed to adapt to the changing circumstances surrounding us.


The Blystad Group today is a testament of creating value through longevity by embracing ingenuity.


Embracing ingenuity is about being willing to take the next step when others dare not. As a result, the Blystad Group is today a Nordic powerhouse with a global presence.


Longevity, on the other hand, is defined not by what happened in history, but by what happens next. Guided by our experience, we shape our future course together with our partners, colleagues and investment projects. All based on the same set of sound Norwegian family values with the local and global scene as our operating landscape.


We create value off our core values, combining industrial expertise with capital markets. We make every effort to be dynamic by cultivating opportunities, and solid by obtaining your trust as a partner.


Going into the next decade, we will continue our strive to be your trusted partner, colleague and teammate. Longevity will be created by our shared future.”


Fredrik Platou – CEO

Fredrik Platou 3 by photographer Einar Aslaksen
Our team

Board of Directors

Marianne H. Blystad

Marianne H. Blystad

Arne Blystad by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Arne Blystad


Arne Blystad by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Arne Blystad


Fredrik Platou by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Fredrik Platou


Geir Nedrelo by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Geir Nedrelo


Andreas Tronstad by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Andreas Tronstad

Head of Real Estate

Agnes Marie Blystad Sulejewski by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Agnes Marie Blystad Sulejewski

Head of Legal

Sidsel Sørlie

Sidsel Sørlie

Head of Group Accounting

Gerd-Inger Kaasen by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Gerd-Inger Kaasen

Group Chief Accountant

Jacob Ziesler

Jacob Ziesler

Investment Director


James Buck by photographer Einar Aslaksen.

James Buck

Investment Director


Felix Fürst by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Felix Fürst

Investment Manager

Per Kristian Aamlid by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Per Kristian Aamlid

Chartering Director


Nina Rathsack Bakke by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Nina R. Bakke

Project Manager


Markus Tryggvason Lanesskog by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Markus Tryggvason Lanesskog

Investment Analyst


Arve Aslaksen by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Arve Aslaksen

Project Manager

Real Estate

Hans Petter Gjerde by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Hans Petter Gjerde

Asset Manager

Real Estate

Mathias Baastad by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Mathias Baastad

VP Finance

John Murray by photographer Einar Aslaksen

John Murray

Assistant Chief Accountant


Ingrid Hæreid

Ingrid Hæreid

Group Controller


Kristine Krohn by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Kristine Krohn

Accounts officer


May Storaune by photographer Einar Aslaksen

May Storaune

Senior Accounts Officer


Wenche by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Wenche Kristin Horten

Senior Accounts Officer


Nina Brandt Henriksen by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Nina Brandt Henriksen

Personal Assistant

Even Torgersen by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Even Torgersen

Operations Support

Åsa by photographer Einar Aslaksen

Åsa Victoria Roverudseter

Office & Administration

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